Student Leadership meetings

You may be aware of the Student Leadership meetings which occurred last term. The next stage of Student Leadership has now opened for business and we have decided to launch committees this month. There are 3 meetings taking place this week as we feel that we need to get Student Leadership off the ground as quickly as possible!

It doesn’t matter whether you are in Year 7 or Year 11, your ideas and input are valued. Your voice matters. 

The committees are as follows:

Social and Welfare – focusing on student welfare, student social life and ensuring students are happy. Topics will most likely include: student led events, buddy system…

        • First Meeting: 05/01/16
    • Charity – focusing on organising and coordinating student led fundraising. Topics will most likely include: fundraising schedule, decisions on which charities to fundraise for, charity events ..
        • ​First Meeting: 07/01/16
    • Facilities and Environment – focussing on improving the facilities and working environment for students. Topics will most likely include: canteen, toilets, curtains, heating, work spaces for students…
        • ​ First Meeting: 06/01/16
    • ​Sport, Extra Curricular, Events and Inter-house – focusing on co-ordinating student led sport and inter-house activity, and on promoting extra-curricular activities as well as holding student organised events. Topics will most likely include: inter-house events, sports day, inter-house (non-sport) events.
        • ​  First Meeting: 18/01/16

​All meetings will take place at lunch times in the Diploma Suite, upstairs in Chiltern on the above dates. If you have something you want to contribute on one of these topics, turn up and share your ideas.