After-school Karate Club

Mr King our DT Technician also runs a Karate club in the area and has started an after school club here on Monday’s 3:15-4:15 in the Gymnasium. We now have 5 students who have passed their first grading and are a step closer to Black belt – including 1 SEN student.

All students are welcome to come along and have a free lesson – after this it’s only £3 per lesson via Parentpay.

If enough students say they would rather have a boxing/judo/MMA club then Mr King can also provide this as Karate is such a vast subject, just urge them to come along and try it out.

Lessons have been adapted so they have minimal contact, but often train self defense techniques based on common attacks on children and bullying, in addition to this the typical student will gain confidence, agility and coordination which is why it can be so good for SEN students.

For more information Mr King’s club website is