Italian Erasmus+ student meeting

Four very lucky students got the opportunity to visit Lucca in Italy last week. The students stayed with Italian host families and attended school with them for the week.

Our students had the chance to participate in Italian lessons and attend day trips with the other students.

The fantastic thing about Erasmus+ is that we are grouped with schools of all different nationalities.  Our students were mixed up into teams with the Portuguese, Italian, French, German and Turkish for the duration of the week.  This gave them the opportunity to meet students of similar ages from different countries.

Some highlights of the trip were visiting Florence, Pisa and a museum of HUGE papier mache carnival floats.  It really was an experience the girls will never forget.

The girls will be doing an assembly soon to share their experiences of the trip – and keep your eyes peeled for the updated Erasmus+ board which will be in the canteen later in the week.

Mrs Gibbs

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