Year 11 GCSE Exam/Revision Information

Monday 15th May 2017

Dear Parent/Carer of Year 11,

The examination season is nearly upon us; written examinations in most subjects start on Tuesday 16th May. It is essential that students know what is expected of them in terms of attendance over the coming weeks. The programme has been explained to students but your help in reminding students is required.

In summary:

 Up to Friday 26th May (end of Term 5) – all students are required to be in school all day. If not sitting an exam they will go to lessons as per their normal timetable.

Please note, revision sessions are taking place over May half term holiday. Details can be found on the school website and a letter and programme will be emailed out this week via Parentmail and to all students.

From Monday 5th June (start of Term 6) onwards – parents are asked to sign the attached reply slip to give permission for students to be able to study at home.  This reply slip must be returned by Friday 26th May to Wingfield Office.

To support our Year 11 students we are running revision sessions run by subject teachers in English, Maths and Science during the first 2 weeks of Term 6.

In Term 6 students must attend as follows (in priority order):

  • any timetabled exam
  • any timetabled revision session for English, Maths & Science
  • any other timetabled revision session arranged by subject teachers
  • home study

Students have been given a personalised exam calendar. Details of the timetabled revision sessions can be found on the powerpoint slides which have been emailed out via Parentmail and to all students.

Here are links to Maths practice papers for Papers 2 & 3 produced following the Paper 1 which students sat before half term.

Best Guess Papers .. yeah right!

Once students have completed their final exam and all BTEC assignments, they are no longer required to attend school.

Please note that only students with signed permission slips will be permitted to study at home from Monday 5th June.

If you are unsure of any of these arrangements please contact Mrs Green (

Yours sincerely

Mike Gunston



I give permission for __________________________ (student’s name) to study at home during the school day from Monday 5th June onwards.

I understand the school is not responsible for my son/daughter once they have left the school site.


Parent’s name_______________________   Signature _____________________

Date _____________________