Erasmus+ Project

On Friday 30th June, the Erasmus+ project came to a spectacular end with students from across year groups celebrating with friends, family and teachers.

The whole night was organised purely by the students and ran by hosts Kate Moody and Becky Kelly (with the occasional help from Mr Mockett after technical difficulties!) Although the night did not run as smoothly as wanted, it did give a wholesome look at the Erasmus+ project in JoG, and how it has affected our students. Many were emotional, some students even welling up after such a brilliant end to a fab project. 

There were many laughs to be had though, as the hosts had put together a McFly parody including songs they had re-written around Erasmus+, which caused a lot of laughter. Also, there were ‘Mockett’s Challenges’, which gave a unique spin on the night, whilst giving everyone another chance to have a laugh.

The night ended with some speeches from students and group photos of teachers and students.

While many of the students are sad the project is now over, they will definitely value the memories they have made over the last 3 years.

 “It is sad to see it go and, honestly, it will leave a huge hole in my heart but I am so thankful for the 3 years I’ve spent in this project; not only with the students, but with Mrs Gibbs and Mr Mockett, who have never failed to plaster a smile on my face. The trips were amazing for all of us, but I think it was in the madness that happened every Thursday that really made the project something special even just having a helping hand with homework, general problems, or just wanting to have a laugh, the Erasmus+ family in JoG have never failed to bring smiles to everyone’s faces.” Kate Moody, Year 10

 “I’ve been in Erasmus since March last year, and I’ve met people I would never normally speak to. I’ve been to an amazing country and made friends all around Europe. I went to Italy with my two favourite teachers, and it was beautiful. Erasmus has been an amazing opportunity and I’ve had an amazing time.” – RJ Raymond-Heath, Year 8

 “Erasmus has always been lots of fun. I met some amazing people and I’m still in contact with loads of them now. It was so fun to have an exchange and have her stay with me for a week. And London? It was hilarious! Thank you to Mrs Gibbs and Mr Mockett, you made our time in Erasmus really special.” – Emily Clark, Year 10 

 “Through Erasmus, I have met lots of new people around Europe – some of them now are my very good friends. I’ve been on amazing adventures to Italy and had a really exciting time – it was beautiful and everyone was so welcoming; I hope to return the favour. I’ve learnt lots of new things and had so much fun.” – Lucy Clark, Year 8

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