GCSE Exam results and certificates

GCSE exam results

Students need to collect their GCSE results on Thursday 23rd August from 9:30 am in Wingfield Hall. If they are not able to collect in person, they will need to either:-

  • provide a stamped, addressed envelope ,  or
  • nominate someone in writing to collect them on their behalf (we must have signed, written consent naming their representative, who will need to bring ID with them. An email is not sufficient, as we have to have the signature to keep on file).

In either case, students will need to complete a ‘permission to collect’ letter, available from outside of the exams office (W6).

We cannot release a student’s results to a third party, even a parent or sibling, without their written permission and are not able to automatically post out any results which are not collected. We cannot give out results over the phone and do not usually issue them via email, due to the sensitive nature of the data.

GCSE exam certificates

GCSE certificates will be available to collect at the Celebration Evening or from the exams office after this date. Students will be sent an invitation to this event, which usually occurs in later November or early December.

As certificates are legal documents, we have to prove to the Awarding Bodies that they have only been given to their rightful owner.  Therefore, they cannot be posted, but must be collected in person (or with written consent from the student, a nominated third party).

Changes to Data protection laws mean that we will now only be able to keep unclaimed certificates for a year after their issue.  After this, they will be securely destroyed and students will have no option other than to request a certified copy from the relevant awarding Bodies if they require proof of their results in the future. They charge a fee for this service and it can take some time to receive the document. Universities, Colleges and Employers will often insist that applicants can provide their certificates, so it is very important that they are collected and kept safe.