Student and Community

Helen Kerr – School Adviser
Eugene Spiers – School Adviser

Jo Trigg (Vice Chair)
Debbie Youngs (Chair)
Jordan Mockett
Andy Williams


Mike Gunston – Headteacher
Ellie Green – School Adviser
Matt Doughty – School Adviser

Liz Summerson
David Whewell
Andy Williams (Vice Chair)
Toby Corden (Chair)
Jo Trigg

Curriculum, Learning & Educational Standards

Ben Rhodes – School Adviser
Louise Hamilton- School Adviser

Liz Summerson
Kevin Eames (Chair)
Helen Thorne
Sarah Bergg
Andrew Hawkins (Vice Chair)
David Whewell


Matt Doughty – School Adviser

Pamela Raymond-Heath
Sally Andrews
Sarah Bergg – Vice Chair
Helen Thorne – Chair
Chair of Governors – David Whewell
Vice Chairs of Governors – Sarah Bergg & Andrew Hawkins
Health and Safety Governor
Equality Governor – Jo Trigg
Student Leadership Link Governor – Jo Trigg
Safeguarding & Child Protection Governor – Debbie Youngs
SEN Governor – Helen Thorne
Clerk to the Governors – Eleanor Shergold

Pen Portraits of Governors

Sally Andrews

I’m a proud mum of 2, my son is in year 7 and my daughter now attends university.  As any parent, I want them to be happy, confident and inspired and believe John of Gaunt provides an excellent foundation for our children to achieve their full potential.

I’ve enjoyed a varied and interesting career, specialising in data and information.  Since 2008 I’ve worked for JP Morgan within the Client Change Team.  As PMO Lead, I’m responsible for governance and oversight.

Becoming a Parent Governor is a new chapter for me and I’m looking forward to being involved and part of the future.


Sarah Bergg

I work at Microsoft as a Technical Account Manager.  Although based in Reading, I spend most of my time in the Wiltshire and Bristol areas working with my customers. I have 2 children at John of Gaunt, and I have been a governor at the school for 4 years.

 Sarah Bergg

Toby Corden

I work for “RBS Future Williams and Glyn” as a Relationship Bank Manager we are getting ready for legal separation from RBS which will happen at some point next year. I have worked for RBS for the last 10 years and since July 2015 I have been part of the journey of bringing a new bank back to the high street named “Williams and Glyn” after 30 years away from it.  We live in Trowbridge and I have 2 young children aged 2 and 5, the oldest attends The Grove Primary School.

 Toby Corden

Peter Gear

I am married with a son currently in year six at Newtown Community Primary School where I have been a governor for the last six and  half years and for five of those I was the Chair of Governors.

I retired early, from the Shaw Trust, where I worked on a project helping vulnerable people get into employment.  Prior to this I worked extensively with young people and adults with problems associated with addiction.

As well as governance I keep myself busy being involved with a local stationary engine club and spend a lot of time rebuilding, restoring and showing many of these engines at steam rallies all over the country.

 Gear Pete

Dr Kevin Eames

Both my children attended John of Gaunt, and I have, as a result, always had a great interest in and respect for this school. My professional life has been devoted to education and I have taught at all levels from primary to Masters, having worked in schools, university and the local authority’s advisory service. I have also worked at national level as a consultant on assessment in English, as well as writing and editing textbooks and carrying out classroom-based research in this country and abroad. I’m particularly interested in teachers’ professional development, and in helping to improve students’ learning.

 Kevin Eames

 Mike Gunston – Headteacher

As Headteacher I am also an ex-officio governor. I joined the school as Director of PE in September 2007 and held a variety of roles before becoming Headteacher in September 2014. Before becoming Headteacher I also spent a year on secondment as Headteacher at a school in South Gloucestershire who were in need of support. I am currently the chair of Collaborative Schools Ltd, a partnership of all Trowbridge schools. I am incredibly proud of our school community.


Andrew Hawkins – Co Vice Chair of Governors

I work for Wiltshire College as part of the Estates and Facilities team as a Site Officer. Previously, I taught English in China for nine years and then for a very short time in Britain: Design and Technology. I started my career as an apprentice maintenance engineer and later progressed through to university with a BSc. in Engineering Design and a research based MSc. My children have attended John of Gaunt since 2010. I also attended the school, being in the second comprehensive cohort. I have been a governor at the school for 4 years.

 Andrew Hawkins

Jordan Mockett

I am a P.E and maths teacher at The John of Gaunt School. As a teacher governor, I reflect the views of my colleagues and myself when discussing issues relating to the school. In my time here,  I have had multiple experiences ranging from taking students to the Caribbean and Germany as part of an European project,  to teaching PE, maths and food technology. I have a real passion for the school and my main goal is to see the school flourish in as many ways as possible. Personally I am a keen weightlifter and am ranked 4th nationally.

 Mockett, Jordon

Liz Summerson – Co Vice Chair of Governors

Now semi-retired, I worked in education for 23 years, of which 20 were as a manager/senior manager in the Wiltshire Careers Service. Besides general management responsibilities, I ran information & publishing services, trained careers teachers and inspected careers work in schools. I am a published author of non-fiction & fiction and an enthusiastic life-long learner with degrees in history and French plus a Master’s in creative writing. I now teach French to adults and chair Trowbridge’s French Twinning Association. I have been a governor at JOG for 20 years and my 3 sons attended the school between 1990 and 2007.

 Liz Summerson

Helen Thorne

I am a tutor at Poplar College in Chippenham – the Post 16 provision attached to St Nicholas Special School. My role in the 6th Form means that I get to teach young adults life skills ready for when they leave college and move into adulthood – a job I love.

I was previously a governor at Bellefield Primary School where I was the chair of the Finance and Premises committee. I continue to listen to children read there once a week.

I enjoy running regularly with Avon Valley Runners and spend much of my time ferrying my children (Years 8, 9 and 10) to scouts, music lessons and training sessions.

 Helen Thorne

Jo Trigg

I work for The Consortium as their Head of Customer Proposition Development having held numerous senior management positions in the Sales, Logistics and Marketing departments.

I enjoy all the arts, particularly theatre, together with travelling and spending time with family and friends.

During my career I have visited hundreds of schools across the UK and am always humbled by the inspiring and supportive environments that great schools create.  As a past student of John of Gaunt I’m tremendously proud to now be a governor and be part of a school with such a positive ethos.


David Whewell – Chair of Governors

I am semi-retired, previously occupying the role of Head of Young People’s Services with Wiltshire Council. I was a Governor of the John of Gaunt School in the years that my son attended the school. I am a Trustee and the Treasurer of the Federation for Detached Youth Work, a national charity. I have substantial experience of finance, personnel and strategic management and was previously an Ofsted Inspector of Connexions and Youth Services. I am a strong believer in the need to develop and sustain social capital and ensure that communities are supported and engaged in the delivery of learning.

 David Whewell

Andy Williams

I joined as Parent Governor in July 2015. I have two amazing daughters who are very happy at the school.

I wanted to be more involved with how the school is run and play a part in some of the decisions that benefit all students, parents and staff.  John of Gaunt is a fantastic school, with a great ethos, a ‘Big Family’ feel and a brilliant and diverse group of students, staff, leadership and Governors

Being a Governor is a big commitment, but a very rewarding one.

I am excited to be part of the future whatever that may bring!

 Andy Williams

Debbie Youngs

I work for B&NES council as a parent support adviser in a number of primary schools. Previously I have worked in the field of welfare rights and, before I had my children, market research. I attend Bethesda Baptist Church where I have been a Sunday school teacher for many years. I have been a parent governor at John of Gaunt since 2014 and have a particular interest in safeguarding, linking with the Student Development Team here at the school. I have two children at John of Gaunt.

 Debbie Youngs




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