ENGLISH LANGUAGE – taught at Clarendon College

1 AS

Paper 1: Language and the Individual


Text Variations  and representations



Written paper – 70 marks

1 hour 30 minutes

50% of total AS level


The aim of this part of the subject content is to introduce students to language study, exploring textual variety. This area of study introduces students to methods of language analysis to explore concepts of audience, purpose, genre, mode and representation.

Students should study a range of texts:

• about various subjects

• from various writers and speakers

• for various audiences

• for various purposes

• in a variety of genres

• using a variety of modes (written, spoken, electronic).

2 AS

Paper 2: Language Varieties


Language Diversity

Language Discourses



Written paper – 70 marks

1 hour 30 mins

50% of total AS level


Students will study the key concepts of audience, purpose, genre and mode and will explore language in its wider social and geographical contexts. Students will study varieties of English within the British Isles. This part of the subject content also requires students to study social attitudes to, and debates about, language diversity, including issues surrounding gender and power.

Career Pathways

An education in English Language opens up a whole range of possibilities – from a career in Journalism or Education, to Advertising or Business.  English links with media based career options.  If you have studied English at a higher level, a prospective employer will see you as someone with a good level of communication skills. Combined with complementary subjects English Language can lead to a career in politics, journalism or the media, for example.

The content covered at AS level is easily transferred to the A Level course, should you wish to continue your study of English Language. Every year students go on to study for a degree in English or English focused degrees.