BTEC Sport – Level 3


This is a new style of course that is aimed towards two different journeys in education; Applied General and Tech Level qualifications.  These are focused on providing a pathway to either further education or direct employment and the course is structured so not to limit a student’s choice.  On the course you will study a range of sports related topics including anatomy & physiology, fitness testing & training, psychology, diet & nutrition and the sports industry. As well as this you will learn skills about how to develop your own sporting performance and ability to analyse that of others. This course will prepare you for further study or the possibility of going straight in to employment within the ever-growing sports industry.

In addition

During the course there will be opportunity for you to visit specialist sports facilities, receive expert tuition from industry professionals and get to know how the Sports Industry encompasses a wide range of areas and opportunities. Depending on the course chosen, there may also be the requirement to complete work experience in a Sports Industry setting such as School, Colleges, Leisure Centres, Sports Clubs & Coaching Companies


Level 2 BTEC Sport at Pass or above OR GCSE PE at grade 5 and above and a GCSE Science at level 4 or above. Individual circumstances will be considered where the subject has not been taken at Level 2.


Attendance is very important throughout the course as there are many assignments that will require completing to a set of deadlines. As well as this, the demands of the course are such that vital course content and practical sessions will form a basis for the information required to complete the assignments and low attendance will impact on students’ subject knowledge and awareness.

Course Structure & Assessment

This new style of BTEC qualification is geared towards giving students choice of where they want their learning to take them. It is designed to be able to lead to further study or directly into employment.  The course is made up of internal assignments, externally set coursework and written examinations across several different units of study. Each unit of study will require completing fully to ensure that the qualification is achieved.

As a Sixth Form Centre, we will, potentially, offer three levels of course

BTEC Level 3 Extended Certificate in Sport (equivalent to one A-Level)

This course is made up of 4 units

  1. Anatomy & Physiology – written exam
  2. Fitness Testing and Programming for Health, Sport and Well-Being – externally set coursework task
  3. Professional development in the Sports Industry – internally set assignment
  4. One optional unit (TBC) – internally set assignment

BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Sport (equivalent to 2 A-Levels)

 This larger course is made up of 10 units and builds on the Extended Certificate

There are 4 mandatory units (As listed above for the single), 5 specialist units and 1 optional unit. These will be chosen from the list below depending on suitability of the students and centres.

4 Sports Leadership

5 Application of Fitness Testing

6 Sports Psychology

7 Practical Sports Performance

8 Coaching for Performance

9 Research Methods in Sport

10 Sports Event Organisation

11 Research Project in Sport – Looking into a specific area of interest to you!

12 Self-employment in the Sports Industry

13 Instructing Gym-based Exercise

14 Exercise and Circuit-based Physical Activity

15 Instructing Exercise to Music

17 Sports Injury Management

18 Work Experience in Active Leisure

Again, assessment is made up of a range of internal assignments, external coursework and a written exam.

Further details can be obtained from the PE department

BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Sport (equivalent to 3 A-Levels)

 This course builds on the Extended Certificate pathway.

There are a total of 15 units to be studied involving a combination of internal assignments, external coursework and a written exam. This option will have a heavier workload but a broader range of subject content, including work experience and professional involvement from the sports industry.

Further details can be obtained from the PE department

Moving on

BTEC Sport is a widely recognised qualification enabling access to a variety of sports related courses in higher education e.g. sports science, sports development, coaching. Students also seek direct employment as leisure assistants, fitness instructors or sports coaches although may still require vocational qualifications.