Music and Music Technology – BTEC Level 3 Extended Certificate

MUSIC and Music Technology – BTEC LEVEL 3  Extended Certificate  360 GLH
Music Performance Brief Internal

Learners plan, prepare and deliver a musical performance from start to finish.

In this unit you will:

Explore production planning for a music performance

Carry out a music performance

Reflect on effectiveness of the performance in meeting the production plan.

Music Composition Brief External

Learners explore music theory and its application through composition. They will use music technology to produce a composition in response to a given brief.

In this unit you will:

Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of notation conventions, composition and structural development and how to use technology to support a theoretical understanding of music

Apply theoretical understanding to the composition and structural development of music using notation conventions and technology

Demonstrate the ability to manipulate musical material using technology, showing notation conventions and composition development underpinned by a theoretical understanding of music

Compose and structure music showing precise use of notation using technology

Professional Practise in the Music Industry External

Learners explore what it is that makes someone a professional in the music industry and how to put forward a bid for work.

In this unit you will:

Understand the importance of professional practice in the music industry

Understand operational requirements relevant to specific performances

Demonstrate ability to apply skills required for working in the music industry

Analyse requirements for professional presentation of ideas

Evaluate the skills and knowledge needed for professional roles in the music industry

Solo Performance Internal

Learners explore the preparation and performance of music as a soloist before performing in front of an audience.

In this unit you will:

Explore skills required for a solo performance

Develop skills for a solo performance

Carry out a solo performance.

Music Ensembles Internal

Learners will work as part of a musical ensemble and develop their skills and techniques in rehearsal and performance.

In this unit you will:

Explore ensemble skills and techniques

Develop rehearsal and performance skills for ensembles

Carry out a performance as part of a music ensemble.