Current Staff

If you would like to contact a member of staff then the most effective way is by email.  If you know the staff name then you can create the email by taking the first letter of the firstname and the surname.   For Example:

Mr T Justice would be

Teaching Staff for Academic Year 2016 – 2017

Strategic Leadership Team

Mr Mike Gunston Headteacher: Leadership
Mr Ben Rhodes Deputy Headteacher: School Improvement
Ms Linda Brunt Assistant Headteacher: 6th Form Studies
Mrs Helen Kerr Assistant Headteacher: Behaviour & Safeguarding
Mrs Emma Lydon Assistant Headteacher: Raising Achievement
Mr Eugene Spiers Assistant Headteacher: Careers Education
Mrs Jo Worrall Assistant Headteacher: Teaching & Learning

Computing and Business Faculty

Mr Gareth Lister Director of Learning
Mr Aaron Bilsdon
Mr Steve Carter
Mrs Debra Powell Assistant House Leader – Hawking / Leader of KS4 Business Studies

Technology Faculty

Mr Robert Kilby Director of Learning
Mrs Sarah Beattie Head of Food & Textiles
Mr Dave Moulson

English & Media Studies Faculty

Mrs Amy Baldwin Director of Learning
Mrs Charlie Bray
Miss Linda Brunt Assistant Headteacher / Director of Learning: Sixth Form
Mr Justin Davis Deputy Director of Learning
Miss Catherine Parkes Director of KS3 English
Mrs Natasha Johnson
Mr Matthew Webb
Mrs Alison Foster
Miss Leila Wildsmith  Part time tutor from 13th September
Ms Vicky Woolley

Expressive Arts Faculty

 Mrs Nicola Maguire Expressive Arts Learning Leader
Miss Gemma Brown
Mrs Michelle Gibbs Leader of Art
Miss Claire Langley-Jones
Mrs Lucy Rosedale
Mrs Hannah Snowden
Miss Emily Stoneham
Miss Rachel Forester-Bennett

Humanities Faculty

Mr Stuart Gray Director of Learning
Mrs Jo Addecott Assistant House Leader – Newton / i/c Critical Thinking
Miss Roisin Davison Head of History
Mrs Helen Kerr Assistant Headteacher
Mrs Helen Mason i/c Law/More Able
Miss Jess Martin
Mr Matt Palmer Head of Geography
Mr Mark Perraton Head of RE/Leader of PSHE and Citizenship
Mrs Katie Poole House Leader – Greenfield (maternity leave)
Mr Phil Powell House Leader – Newton
Mrs Susan Scott House Leader – Hawking
Miss Ella Wood

 Individual Learning

Mrs Vicky Marshall SENDCo
Mrs Carol Clark
Ms Claire Amor Teacher of KS3 Literacy & Numeracy (Maternity leave)
Miss Michelle Gaskin  Assistant Leader Post-16 & Maternity Cover
Ms Linda Miller Teacher of SEN and English

Mathematics Faculty

Mrs Andrea Perks Director of Learning
Mrs Elizabeth Addison
Mrs Heather Brooks Assistant Director of Learning: KS3
Mrs Pip Caunt Deputy Director of Learning
Mr Mike Hunt
Mr Ken Pyper Deputy Director of Learning
Ms Janice Robertson
Mr Charlie Wigmore Co-ordinator of KS5 Mathematics
Mr Billy Wilson

Modern Languages Faculty  

Ms Vanessa Lopez Director of Learning
Mrs Bev Green
Miss Tamsin Eynon
Mrs Bernie Pyper House Leader – Franklin
Mrs Sara Wheeler Deputy Director of Learning

Physical Education Faculty

Mr Josh Dunbar Director of Learning
Miss Michelle Gaskin Assistant Leader Post-16
Miss Sharon Loader House Leader – Greenfield (maternity cover) & Assistant Leader KS3 PE
Mrs Helen Marshall Deputy Director of Learning: Sixth Form
Mr Jordan Mockett PE & Food
Mr Sam Ottaway
Mr Ben Rhodes Deputy Headteacher
Mr Ian Walker Assistant Leader of PE
Mrs Jo Worrall Assistant Headteacher

Science Faculty

Miss Abbie Lanng Director of Learning
Mr Ashley Blair
Ms Pippa Buchan SSAT Transitional Teacher i/c KS3 Science
Mr Leigh Francis
Dr Sarah Eyles
Mr Rob Holdroyd
Mrs Jane James
Mrs Emma Lydon Assistant Headteacher
Mr James Ray
Mr Julian Wilkes

Social Sciences Department

Mrs Jess Bloomfield-Harris Teacher of Psychology (maternity leave)
 Mr Eugene Spiers Assistant Headteacher

 Vocational Learning

Mrs Mary Littleworth Director of Learning
Mrs Dawn Moore Teacher of Health & Social Care and Childcare