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Dear Year 11, Year 12 and Year 13’s.

A reminder that is a useful website for those searching for apprenticeships.


Intermediate, Advanced and Higher are three level of apprenticeships that are available. There are also degree apprenticeships.

The sort of questions to yourself ask are:

  • Where are the locations for opportunities that may interest me? (the BT Finance apprenticeship scheme for example have locations in Bristol)
  • What type of business or organisation is it? Does it fit in with my values,skills and interests? (You can look at the company websites to find out more)
  • What are the entry requirements for the opportunities?
  • When is the closing date – so when do I need to apply by if I am interested.

A reminder too to look regularly at the:

Government logo

Find an apprenticeship – GOV.UK

For those of you considering or intending to continue your studies into higher education after your school career, the following article may be interesting in that it gives an indication as to degree subjects where there is a high likelihood to lead on to employment in that field. e.g. law, medicine, education.


Graduate jobs: top 12 degree subjects for getting a job …

A-level results and university Clearing are just next month. Find out which degrees really lead to employment with our top 12.

This  other link provides some ideas as to what sort of careers a degree in any subject can be useful for.

 Uni of Kent

Jobs for graduates in any subject – University of Kent