Year 11 – 3pm sessions

Please find below a copy of all the after school support & revision sessions which are on offer to our Year 11 students.

At present, the expectation is that students attend at least 1 session per week.

Attendance at these sessions will be linked to the Prom Passport – more information to follow on this.

As the year progresses, students will also be told to attend certain sessions to ensure they are on track to meet or exceed their target grades.

Your son or daughter will be given a copy of this information this week to keep.

Please encourage your son or daughter to make the most of the support we are offering.

Kind regards,

The Year 11 Team

Year 11 sessions at 3pm



Art rooms open every day after school for independent work using materials.

Students can book in for a one-to-one tutorial on a Wednesday, Thursday or Friday- but this must be done in advance.

Business Studies M7 with DPO M7 with DPO
Child Development (GCSE) C42 with DME C42 with DME
Computer Science G95
Drama Drama Studio with GBR Jan onwards … Drama Studio with JRE Drama Studio with JRE
English L23

L31 with SPC

Homework & revision

L31 with SPC

Homework & revision

Food & Nutrition C22 with SBE C22 with SBE C22 with SBE C22 with SBE C22 with SBE

Teachers to arrange sessions & emails students with details in advance.

EWO also runs a session in G13 on a Thurs.

Health & Social Care (BTEC) C42 with DME C42 with DME
History G4 with SGR G32 with RDA

D15 and D27

Further Maths in D11

Modern Languages D26 is available every day in negotiation with class teacher in advance.
Music Jan onwards … G1 with NMA G1 with EST
PE W37 with JDU – teacher to arrange in advance with students (BTEC PE)
Product Design C27 C27 C27 C27
RE Full course RE timetabled lesson 3.15 – 5.15
Resistant Materials C27 C27 C27 C27
Science G81 L49