Congratulations to our Ten Tors teams

Team B (finished 14:01) did Route Q

 Year 9

Daisy White (Nav)
Grace Ross (Check Nav)
Harley Willis (capt)
Oli Guppy (Distance)
Simeon Brown
Calum Duncan

Team A (finished 14:11) did Route H

 Year 10

Charlie Smith (Nav)
Nathan Elliot (Check Nav)

Year 9

Josh Collet (capt)
Ted Sansom
Adam Rice (Distance)
Jorin Goodwin

What a lovely load of kids. Did fantastically well. Worked as a team (all 12 finished) and overcame various issues to do 40 miles from Saturday 7am by 2pm on Sunday. Both routes came in at 62.9km (approx. 40 miles) once river crossings etc had been taken into account). Lots of smiles at the end!! They had been working since October to do this and approximately walked about 350 miles in total during their training (Local footpaths, Avebury, Deverills, Salisbury Plain, Dartmoor). Although weather was good, finishing with 3 hours to spare was an impressive accomplishment, especially for the younger ones.

Unfortunately our 45 mile team dropped out due to injuries – Route V

Jack Wheeler (Nav)
Mollie Nevill (Check Nav)
Jasmine Smith
Mikey Clews (capt)
Tristan Teague
Ethan Devlin (machine)
Nathan Glover

Many thanks to all who make doing Ten Tors possible: Iain Richards, Rob Pitman, Bill Smith, Bob Brice, Shaun White, Matt Wheeler, Fran Booth, Julie Gray, Lis Brewer, Debs Thomas, Matt Doughty & Team, Fac Admin lades and the School for their support and general tolerance!

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