Our amazing Ten Tors teams

Recently received correspondence regarding our amazing Ten Tors teams.

I am a team member of the Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team Plymouth. We were manning a tor called Lower White Tor, just to the South East of a check point called Rough Tor. We were given information of a team that were moving slowly through our area and asked to keep a visual status on this particular team. As you are probably aware, we are not allowed to intervene or assist any Ten Tors team unless we are instructed to do so, by the Army or unless the team operate their emergency beacon. 

We watched as your team came below our area and one of your team members struggled to continue. With our human nature screaming at us to offer help, we watched from a distance and saw how the team all came together to help their injured team member and do their utmost to keep him going. We kept a close eye on them until they were on the down hill leg to Postbridge and onto the safety check point there. I have checked the final results and see that they were unable to finish.

I am writing this email to express how amazing it is to see a young team rally around and support an injured team member and do everything in their power to ensure they work and continue as a group and a team. They are a total credit to your school and yes unfortunately they did not finish the event but were complete winners in their attitude and the understanding of word ‘team’ and the event as a whole.

So a massive well done to team VL and I hope to see them on the Hill next year.

Kind Regards.

Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team Plymouth.