Twas such a lovely day for it!!

The Ten Tors training hikes are currently underway and the first 35 miles covered, pleasingly with a full set of returns. A 17 mile hike to the Westbury White Horse last week was followed by a 17.5 mile round hike to Rode church this week. We’ve continued our fortunate current run of getting stunning weather and the students have been an absolute pleasure to hike with. Moreover, I have had a wide range of tasty treats given to me which is greatly appreciated, however a tough test awaits in the Deverill Hills next week when we take on 18 miles in the most challenging terrain yet. My previous comments will also undoubtedly bring vile rain and wind upon us.

A massive well done to all participants  and also to Mr Lord, Matt Wheeler and Mr Clark for their help with supervision.

Mr Gray

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