“Living History Day”

100 year 8 pupils participated in the John of Gaunt School “Living History Day”

The students learned the story of the events leading up to the outbreak of the Civil War in 1642. They handled artefacts including swords, helmets, muskets, pistols and pikes and then started on some battle training.

As new recruits to the Parliamentarian army the students learned how to handle their pikes and march in battle formation. As the Royalists charged their troop the students held firm and repelled the enemy attack. The session ended with students helping to fire the canon to celebrate their success on the battlefield.

The event was organised in conjunction with Oxenwood Outdoor Education centre who provided the professional re-enactors and all the weaponry.

The event provided an enrichment opportunity for year 8 students who have been studying the events of the 1640s and how these shaped our island’s history. An event like this really brings History alive as the students don’t just learn about events but experience them – it’s the next best thing to having a time machine!

Ms Davison


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