Arrangements for the first day of Term September 2019

Monday 2nd of September –  TD day. No students in school during school day

3pm. Optional opportunity for parents and children starting in Year 7 to walk around the school site with a member of staff.

Tuesday 3rd of September:

8.45 School day starts for Year 7 students only at 8.45. All year 7 students to arrive in Wingfield Hall to meet tutors at this time. Only Year 7 students are in school for tutor time. Periods 1 and 2 to spend with their tutor.

11.05 pm all students to return to school and attend 2 tutor periods

1.25 pm lunch

2.00 pm Period 5 as per timetables.

3.00 pm School ends at the normal time

Interviews for year 12 will take place during these days. Please contact Mrs Baines for information.