Response to Wiltshire Times article

Earlier today, it was extremely disappointing to read that an isolated one off incident has been reported in the Wiltshire Times.

As a school, we take any concerns that students have extremely seriously and have an outstanding reputation for the pastoral care of students. We would always urge families to share any concerns they, or their children have with us in order to work together to find a suitable solution.

In this particular case, an altercation between two students took place outside of school hours over issues shared between family members on Social Media.  When the school was made aware of the incident, it made the decision to involve other agencies in order to support the families in finding a resolution. The school does not condone any sort of physical altercation regardless of whether it is before school or away from the school site, and in this case, the perpetrator was instantly excluded.

We care deeply for all our students, all of the time, and are proud of our inclusive caring culture that is knitted together by high expectations. Our commitment to high quality care and support of our students was recently recognised in a parental survey, where almost 100% of parents stated that their children felt safe and happy in our school, and our culture of disruption free learning has gained national recognition.

On this occasion, we chose not to share a comment with the Wiltshire Times as we felt sharing personal information about young people and their families can often exacerbate a situation particularly when the root cause takes place outside of the school setting.

We would always ask that parents talk to us about their concerns as the partnership between parents and school staff is the best recipe in ensuring success for their child.

Paul Skipp