Year 9 Photography Work

British portrait & fashion photographer and director ‘Rankin’ has been giving feedback on some recent year 9 photography work.

Miss Lang got in contact with him via Instagram after being inspired by him to freeze and photograph flowers.

Rankin was so impressed with the photographs that the year 9 students had taken that he spoke to Miss Lang via a video conference call to give some feedback about their work.

He said “we all need to be super proud of what they achieved with the work as it was some of the best he had seen!”  Rankin also said how he would love to stay in touch to see how the students progress with their photography.

Under ‘normal’ circumstances this opportunity would be almost impossible with his busy schedule.

Even more reason to get creative and send Miss Lang your experimental photography during lock down!

Keep up to date with the art department’s Instagram @jogschoolart to look out for further opportunities.

Thanks to Jas Hudd, Arun Tomlinson, Libby Harford, Isabelle King and Toby-John Kitchener for these images.

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