Commissioned Art by one of our Students

Despite the end of school and lockdown restrictions, I’ve been continuing my art and creativity and thought you might be interested in an update on how it’s gone for me. 

 I was commissioned to do two paintings for someone who had seen and admired my art and I knew lockdown would be the perfect time to begin painting them, so recently I decided to go into Bath, to a very nice art shop and buy some quality canvases to use for the commissioned pieces.

 While I was there I scooted round a few shops, one of which being Lush (the bath and body shop) and I got chatting to the shop assistant selling the products. By chance he asked what I was doing for the day and I mentioned the art shop, canvases and commission.

He then mentioned that Lush have a wall where they are letting local, independent artists put up a couple of pieces to encourage diversity and help promote their work.

He said that if I was interested in taking part that I should drop them a message on their Instagram page and we could chat about how it works. So I did, I sent over a picture of one of my paintings and said I’d be very interested in having my paintings on the wall. I got a message back saying he loved my painting and would like me to come into the shop again to discuss which spot I’d have on the wall and what I could do with it.

When I went in, he showed me the wall, where there were several wooden squares and rectangles of space. He told me that he was going to give me one box, but that when he saw my painting he decided to give me the whole left rectangle and continued to take out the removable shelf that split the rectangle into 2 squares. He said I could have free reign over the creative display and to just fill it with whatever paintings and creative pieces I wanted to. I spent the next two weeks collecting things to put in my space, painting new canvases, creating a shop name, ordering business cards and creating my own brand.

Yesterday I took it all in and created my space on the wall. I am so proud and grateful to have my artwork in a public shop where people with similar interests can see it and appreciate it.

Siana Godwin
Year 13 Student

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