Academy Status/Company Info

The John of Gaunt School successfully converted to Academy status on 1st April 2012.

The John of Gaunt School School is a company limited by guarantee

Company Registration Number: 7990655 Registered Office: Wingfield Road, Trowbridge, Wiltshire BA14 9EH

This means we operate independently from the Local Authority, although we still choose to work in close partnership in many areas of school improvement.  As an Academy we receive funding directly from the Educational Funding Agency (EFA). Our status as a Converter Academy* acknowledges the schools successful record over time. However, we very much see ourselves as a Community Academy (a title unique to our school) which represents our commitment to providing an inclusive education to all students especially those attending, or wishing to attend, the school.  Our Governors have captured this commitment to our inclusive ethos through the ‘Governors Pledge.’ *There are different types of Academy and the most significant are Sponsored Academies and Converter Academies. The Department for Education website states that in a Sponsored Academy, ‘ Sponsors take control of strategic planning for the future development of the academy’.  Whereas Converter Academies do not have a sponsor, but are run by an Academy Trust. The trust is in effect the governing body of the school.

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