The Governors’ Pledge

The governors of The John of Gaunt School pledge to create a welcoming environment in which students, parents/carers, staff and all others enjoy their contact with the school.

The school’s vision:

‘Creating an irresistible climate for achievement’

  • We challenge, support and encourage every student to achieve their potential.
  • We believe effort and dedication lead to success and we raise aspirations.
  • We personalise our provision  to meet the needs of individuals.
  • We enable our students to flourish as confident learners and leaders of our community.
  • We create a culture where all stakeholders feel valued, supported and proud.
  • We work collaboratively to improve outcomes for our students and support other schools to improve.

The Governors pledge to turn this vision into reality by providing:

  • An aspirational climate for learning for every student in our inclusive and secular school;
  • an expectation that every learner is challenged to do their best at all times, both in learning and in personal conduct;
  • a cooperative culture governed by such principles as respect, courtesy, fairness, equality and involvement.

Support and challenge for everyone within the school community enables:

  • Quality staff to be recruited, trained, retained and led to inspire learning and offer support to every student.
  • Learners to receive exceptional support and guidance within, and where necessary beyond the school.
  • Leadership and governance to be outstanding, reflective and self-critical.
  • Excellent financial management.
  • Close liaison and good communication with parents and carers.

The school will be outward looking:

  • Learning from best practice so as to provide a broad, balanced, relevant and innovative student offer.
  • Working with a wider community of schools, colleges, local government, employees and others to best serve the interests of our students and those in our extended network.

The school will work in the long-term interests of learners and families by:

  • fostering in its students readiness for the post-school world and,
  • encouraging and nurturing values and behaviour that will enable them to be high achieving, responsible and self-directing adults who add value to the lives of others.