Computing & Business

Members of Staff and Responsibilities

  • Mr J Roberts Director of Learning for Computing and Business
  • Mr S Carter
  • Mr A Bilsdon
  • Mr R Croft

Key Stage 3 Curriculum

In Key Stage 3, our students cover a wide range of Computer Science and ICT topics. Each Year 7 and 8 pupil will have 2 lessons of Computer Science a week and one ICT lesson every fortnight.

We closely follow the National Curriculum in Computer Science touching on key areas such as Programming, Data Representation, Hardware, Communication and Networks, Digital Literacy and Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural issues. We use software such as Python, Microbit, Scratch, Microsoft Access and the Microsoft Office suite to deliver these tpics. We take apart PC’s, use robots and Microbits. We also offer a KS3 Computer Science club and trips.

In our ICT lessons we offer Year 7 and 8 pupils basic “Digital Literacy” topics to help them better understand the Microsoft Office Suite and the Internet (as this is not covered in the Computer Science curriculum). We cover topics such as Get Connected!, Document management, Research Skills, Presenting My Work, Netiquette, Advanced ICT Skills, Digital Graphics and Video Editing. E-safety is also an integral part of our programme of study.

In all lessons we develop their team work, independence, and creativity skills which would set them up well as a future leader of the technological world.

Key Stage 4 Curriculum

Computer Science

Course content

The subject covers the following topics:

  1. The theory around how computers work.
  2. Programming and problem solving.
How is this course assessed?

  1. You will have 2 written exams that are each worth 40%.
  2. You will have one piece of programming assessment that is worth 20%.

Cambridge Nationals in ICT

Course content

The subject covers the following topics:

  1. You will learn an understanding about how IT is used in businesses and across the world.
  2. You will be learning practical IT skills to manipulate sound and images.
How is this course assessed?

  1. You will have one exam that is worth 25% of the course.
  2. You will have 3 other units that are assessed through controlled assessment, each worth 25%.

GCSE Business

Course content

The subject covers the following topics:

  1. You will investigate how businesses work.
  2. You will also think about how businesses manage their financial records.

How is this course assessed?

You will have 2 written exams, both worth 50% of the course.

Key Stage 5 Curriculum

In key stage 5 we offer a wide range of courses to suit our learners. Our students can choose to study these courses;

  • A-Level Computing
  • Level 3 BTEC in Information Technology
  • AQA A level in Business Studies