The use of mobile phones in school

Mobile phones and related devices including headphones

The John of Gaunt School is a mobile device free school. This means that students will not be allowed to have phones, wearable ‘smart watches’, headphones, non-learning tablets or mp3 style players out whilst on the school grounds. This operates between the hours of 8am and 5pm.

Students are allowed to use phones on some school trips if this has been agreed beforehand.

Students are asked to have their devices off or on silent whilst on the school property, including break and lunch times. If a device (including headphones) is seen or heard then staff will be asked to confiscate this until the end of the day. The device will be stored in a safe in G109 for KS3 students and G21 for KS4 students. The first time a device is confiscated during a term, it will be able to be collected at the end of the school day. Any subsequent times a parent must collect the phone or other nominated adult with a letter of authorisation from the parent or it will be held for 5 school days, whichever is sooner

The school has 3 phone hubs where students may go to make a call during non-lesson time such as break or lunchtime. These are the Year pastoral Offices, G109 or G21 and Pitman. If necessary it is also possible to ask to use a phone in reception.

Q1. I want my child to be safe on the way to and from school. They need a phone to ensure their safety.

A1. We are not ‘banning’ students from having phones off and in their bag. They can use these on the way to and from school.

Q2. My child may feel anxious or may need to contact me during the school day.

A2. If a student wants to use their phone during break or lunch time we have created 3 ‘phone hubs’ where students can go to check and send messages or make calls in these situations. They are G109 for our KS3 students, G21 for KS4 students and The Pitman Building for all students who work with our individual learning department.

Q3.. I may need to contact my child during the school day?

A2.  We understand that sometimes things may need may need to be communicated to students and plans for things such as being collected from school may change after a student leaves home in the morning. Students can check messages if they are expecting one at break and lunch time in one of the phone hub locations. We are also able to pass on messages to students that are called in to reception. We have a student messenger each day and will ensure that messages are passed on quickly.

Q4. What if my child needs their phone for learning?

A4. We have asked staff to create a learning environment where this is not necessary during the school day. Students are able to carry their planner with their timetable in and we can provide a new planner if the original is lost and timetables can be given to students for the day if they forget their planner.