Show my Homework

Since September 2015 we have been issuing homework via a new system called Show My Homework (SMHW).  SMHW is an on-line service used by many schools to make it straightforward for students, parents and teachers to know what homework has been set and when it is due.

As well as simplifying how homework is recorded, SMHW also allows parents to become more involved in students’ learning.  Lesson resources can be made available and as all homework is on-line and visible excuses about homework have become a thing of the past.

Via SMHW students benefit from a personalised to-do list with deadlines and no longer worry about lost worksheets or forgotten homework details.  SMHW can be accessed from any device (iOS and Android apps) and so if necessary homework can be done on the go.  Although we would always encourage students to have a quiet and organised space where they normally do homework.

For teachers it is easy to share resources on SMHW so we can ensure quality of homework that’s consistent across the school and they can easily use a wider variety of homework types such as quizzes or spelling tests, and more easily cater for the different levels in a class.

If you have any queries about SMHW please contact Miss Hamilton, Deputy Headteacher who has responsibility for this: