German – taught at The Clarendon Academy

Level – 7651  A2 Level – 7652 

GCSE German at grade 5 or above at higher tier

Paper 1 A level

Two hours 30 minutes

Listening, Reading and Writing (including translation from English to German and vice versa)

50% of total marks


1 Social issues and trends

2 Artistic culture

3 Aspects of political life

4 Multiculturalism

Paper 2 A level

Two hours


20% of total marks

Candidates will use a set text to produce a piece of re-creative writing and a critical commentary in this exam and also an essay question on their drama set text.


Paper 3 A level

Oral exam

(approx. 15 minutes)

30% of total marks

Students discuss a topic of interest to them which they have researched.

In addition they will discuss one of the 4 themes outlined above in paper 1.

Career Pathways

Many students go on to study languages at University but also to further education courses that combine languages with other disciplines, such as tourism, business, law, engineering and science courses.

German can be combined with any other areas, such as finance, marketing, tourism, research, and can enable you to be ready for interaction between European neighbours in this multicultural society.