Religious Studies

This A Level develops excellent skills of analysis, evaluation, interpretation, reflection, questioning and understanding through looking at a variety of topics.


You will cover topics such as philosophical arguments about God’s existence, ethical concepts and dilemmas, modern philosophy of religion, modern moral philosophy, ethical theories that assess human behaviour, sexual ethics and the psychology behind the decisions we make as people.


Please refer to the John of Gaunt Sixth Form entry requirements.


Two year A Level course.


A Level – Eduqas

Three examinations

Paper one: Philosophy (33.33% of the A Level)

Philosophical issues and questions; the nature and influence of religious experience;

Problems of evil and suffering; Philosophical language; Works of scholars; Influences of

developments in religious belief.

Understanding the human mind and the psychology behind decision making; examining atheistic thought in a secular world.

Paper two: Ethics (33.33% of the A Level)

Significant concepts in issues or debates in religion and ethics; A study of three ethical

theories; Application of ethical theories to issues of importance; Ethical language;

Deontology, Virtue Ethics and the works of scholars; Medical ethics: beginning and end of

life issues.

Understanding of free will and determinism in ethical thought and the psychology behind decision making.

Paper three: Buddhism (33.33% of the A Level)

Religious beliefs, values and teachings; Sources of wisdom and authority; Practices that

shape and express religious identity; Social and historical developments; Works of

scholars; Religion and society; Primary texts.

Moving on

There are a variety of careers that this A Level can help with, including medicine, journalism, Social Work, the services, law, police force, diplomacy, religious vocations and any job involving high levels of human communication, especially with a multi-cultural focus, or if working with people.

Please note: this A Level is still at the draft stage of the curriculum developments across all subjects. This specification has not yet been confirmed by OFQUAL.