BTEC Performing Arts Extended Certificate – taught at The John of Gaunt School


The BTEC Level 3 extended certificate in Performing Arts is new to John of Gaunt and we are really looking forward to running the course; it allows for a very wide range of study to suit the strengths of individual students allowing them to achieve their highest potential. Both the prescribed and chosen units are aimed at giving the students the greatest breadth of experience in practical and analytical skills, preparing them for a variety of different career paths in the theatre and beyond. Students are required to experiment, research, review and refine their work, whilst gaining an understanding of what it is to create performance.


Please refer to the John of Gaunt Sixth Form entry requirements.


This is a two year BTEC course.


Unit 1 Investigating Practitioners Work Exam  – Compulsory Unit In this unit you will investigate the work of performing arts practitioners and develop critical analysis skills and contextual understanding of how practitioners communicate themes in their work. AO1 Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of contextual factors that influence work of performing arts practitioners
AO2 Apply knowledge and understanding of how contextual factors influence the creative intentions and themes of performing arts practitioners
AO3 Apply critical analysis skills to develop and demonstrate understanding of performance, production and repertoire
AO4 Be able to apply an effective investigation process to inform the understanding of the work of performing arts practitioners, communicating independent judgements
Unit 2 Developing skills for live performance Internal – Compulsory Unit In this unit you will explore technical performance skills with a focus on developing skills and techniques in at
least two performance styles.
A Understand the role and skills of a performer
B Develop performance skills and techniques for live performance
C Apply performance skills and techniques in selected styles
D Review and reflect on development of skills and techniques for live performance
Unit 3 Group performance skills Internal – Compulsory Unit In this unit you will explore and integrate creative, physical and vocal skills and techniques, working collaboratively to create a performance in response to a given stimulus. AO1 Understand how to interpret and respond to stimulus for a group performance
AO2 Develop and realise creative ideas for a group performance in response to stimulus
AO3 Apply personal management and collaborative skills to a group performance workshop process
AO4 Apply performance skills to communicate creative intentions during performance workshop
AO5 Review and reflect on the effectiveness of the working process and the workshop performance
Unit 21 or Unit 27 Improvisation or Musical Theatre Techniques Internal – Optional units (this will be decide upon to best suit the students on the course) In this unit you will develop skills and techniques in improvisation, applying them to performance material or explore the key features of musical theatre, developing specialist skills and techniques – combining acting, singing and dance. A Understand the key features of improvisation or musical theatre for performance
B Develop skills and techniques in improvisation or musical theatre for performance
C Apply skills and techniques in improvisation or musical theatre to a performance
D Review personal development and own performance.

Moving On

Performing Arts students progress to some of the best known universities and schools for Performing Arts in the country. Performing Arts students have also gained employment in the theatre, entertainment or leisure industries.