Study Programmes

Post 16 students will be studying 3 A levels or BTEC courses. Some students will take purely A levels or BTECs and some will take a combination. For example, some students might take the BTEC Health and Social Care (double equivalent to 2 A levels) and A level Psychology; this would make a total of 3 academic courses as their core learning package.

On top of this students will make a choice from our Personal Enhanced Offer. This choice will be made when completing the application form. Our offer will include the Level 3 Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), Further Maths and work experience. For students who achieve 8 or more A, A* or grade 7 at GCSE, studying a fourth A level will be considered.

Any student entering the Sixth Form without a GCSE grade 4 or above in English and Maths will have to re-sit this course.

On top of your subjects you will have one hour a fortnight which will be an allocated PEC lesson. PEC stands for Personal Extended Curriculum and covers careers, health issues etc. In Years 7-11, this was named PSHE.

In Year 12, all students partake in our Employable Skills Programme (ESP). This entails students allocating a minimum of one hour per fortnight to give something back to our community. Many students use this time to do lesson support with younger years, some go into primary schools or medical settings. The purpose of this is to build work skills through voluntary work. Students select what activity they wish to partake in. This is then developed further during a week’s work experience in July where students go out of school on a work placement organised by themselves in order to match their future aspirations and interests.

We also have a daily 20 minute Tutor period. Your tutor is your first port of call for pastoral issues and they will also help you to develop career plans and applications, whether this be UCAS or employment opportunities.

Various study combinations

3 A Levels + Personal Enhanced Offer (PEO)

2 A levels + BTEC plus PEO

BTECS equivalent to 2 A Levels + 1 A level + PEO offer

BTECS equivalent to 3 A Levels + PEO offer